How to Remove Cystic Acne?

Cystic acne is a form of acne, which is intense and has large inflamed cyst as well as nodules on the skin surface. Sometime, cystic acne also called as nodulocystic acne. This type of acne is noticeably painful. It usually occurs when there is a pile of oil and dead skin cells under the hair follicles or pores. Cystic acne is a common problem faced by teenagers on their puberty. However, if they did not take a good care of it, it can continue to present until they are on their adult age. To prevent that, here this article will share you some ways on how to remove cystic acne.

Some treatments on how to remove cystic acne

The very first and easiest way on how to remove cystic acne is only by using ice.  You can use ice cube and apply it to your breakouts for some seconds. This action is to constrict the feeding of small blood vessels. The cold temperature from the ice will decrease the size as well as the redness of the acne.

Besides that, it is also important for you have a good and routine healthy skin care. Make sure that you are not choosing skin care with heavy as well as scented moisturizer, as it will worsen your skin condition. You need to exfoliate your skin first before applying any moisturizer. For a suggestion, it will be better for people with cystic acne to use moisturizer with oil free and unscented properties.

For the exfolialiants, you need to make sure that it has no harsh or even abrasive result on your skin. If you just realized it after your first up to third time on using it, it is better for you to stop forcing your skin to adjust to it and change with a new one.

How to remove cystic acne by avoiding the following foods

1.             Conventional dairy

Many people experienced that stop consuming conventional dairy resulted in the improvement if their skin to be freed from acne. However, this situation might not worked the same result for every people. Therefore, you can start 5 up to 8 days with no dairy products first to know whether the condition is the same for you or not.

2.             Sugar

Many foods with high concentration of sugar as well as other high glycemic food have the higher has the higher capability of making inflammation in the body worse. When the inflammation becomes worse, it be trigger the cystic acne to get worse as well. For the replacement, you can have foods in natural sweeteners.

3.             Fast and fried foods

These kinds of foods are highly processed, and also contain less fiber. When you consume these foods, there will be am unhealthy shift on your microbial colonies. It will sets off inflammation for sure. Additionally, the inflammation will also worse because of the common ingredients on these foods. Some of them are hydrogenated oils, sugar, flavorings, as well as sodium. Avoiding the consumption of fast and fried foods certainly is one easy way on how to remove cystic acne.