How to Use a Blackhead Removal Tool Properly

The blackhead removal tool, which is also known as an acne extractor, is a tool which can be used to get rid of blackhead pimples. Before using blackhead removal tool, you are strongly suggested to do certain preparatory steps in order to prevent the skin infection and blemishes.

Types of Blackhead Removal Tools

Actually, there are many types of blackhead remover tools that you can find at beauty stores. Each of them has its own manual and effects, but generally, they share the same function.

  1. Pointed Tweezer

Every method of removing blackheads will usually require you to do some steps of preparation, like washing the face and hands, steaming the face or compressing it using hot cloth. These steps are needed to sterilize the face and hands in order to prevent the infection, and also to open the pore After that, you can use a pointed tweezers as a tool to remove the annoying blackheads. However, this kind of tool can leave scars and even damage to your skin if you do not make the removal process properly and carefully.

  1. Blackhead Removal Gun

This tool is usually available at online shops or drug stores. The blackhead removal gun is usually made of plastic. It works by vacuuming the toxins, dirt, and oil out of your pore. The gun is, indeed, less invasive than the pointed tweezers, but unfortunately, this kind of tool will only work effectively if you do the cleansing and steaming process in advance, before using the removal gun.

  1. Blackhead Removal Strips

This kind of blackhead removal tool works by ripping the blackheads out of your infected pores. The strips are quite popular and easy to find in the drugstores or beauty stores. Most removal strips should be wet when they are applied to your skin. Then, you have to wait until the strips dry, and then carefully rip them off. This method of removing blackheads is claimed to be less harmful to the skin. However, if you have a sensitive skin type, the force of ripping the strip from your skin can cause a little damage or redness on the skin.

  1. Blackhead Extractor

A more effective, but a little bit more severe method of removing blackheads is by using a blackhead extractor. Due to its stringent process, you have to give a greater care to your skin after the application of this blackhead remover tool in order to prevent the skin infection and damage. This tool is usually made of metal. There is a loop in one or each end of the long, slender tail. The loops are used to give a pressure to the tough blackheads. The pressure will then force the blackhead’s core to come out.

Although the process will cause acne on the skin, but many people like to use this tool more than the other types of blackhead removal tools. Then, how should you use it properly so that there will be no damage or infection occur on your skin? Read the following steps of using the blackhead extractor carefully.

How to use Blackheads Extractor

  1. Do the preparation steps

This first step is very important to do since it can help your skin to get ready to be treated. A proper preparation will prevent any infection or damage because of the removal process. The first thing to do is disinfecting your face, hands, and the removal tools. You can wash your face and hands, and then then wear gloves if you have. After that, to make the removal process easy, you can steam your face or compress it using the warm cloth in a couple of minutes in order to open the pores and soften the infected area.

  1. Choose the right extractor

here are several different designs of extractors that you can find in the drugstores. If you want to remove your blackheads only, you can use the comedo extractors. However, if you also want to remove the whiteheads, you need to firstly pierce them using a sharp lancet before applying the extractor on them. Some comedo extractors have two loops, each of them has a different size. You can choose which size of the loop is appropriate for the blackhead’s size.

You have to be extra careful and clean in applying the removal method for whiteheads. If you are not sure, it will be better for you to see a dermatologist or professional skin specialist to help you get rid of the annoying whiteheads. If you cannot do it well on your own, you will get a risk of having even more severe damages on your face.

  1. Remove the blackheads

You can start removing your blackheads by placing the loop on the pimple, and then move the tool while applying light and gentle pressure on the pimple. It might cause a pain, but if you do it properly, you will see the black head pulled from the pore along with the oil.

Never force the blackhead to come out if it does not spring out after given a gentle pressure. The force will only leave a scar, damage, and infection. If your blackheads are very hard to remove, it means that you need to see your dermatologist.

  1. Take care of any bleeding

Sometimes, when the blackhead has not been dry yet, or you put too much pressure into it, a little bit blood will come out along with the blackhead and oil from the pore. You do not need to be panic, since you can treat it by patting the bleeding area with tissue or clean cloth to absorb the blood. If you do it properly, the bleeding will stop in a few moments. If the bleeding does not stop, then you have to give a more pressure to the bleeding area to make it stop.

  1. Disinfect the area being treated

In order to prevent more severe infection, the disinfecting process should be done not only before the treatment, but is should also be applied after the treatment. You can use alcohol to clean the treated area. Another important thing to do is clean your blackhead removal tools before you put them away. You should always remember that cleanliness and hygiene are essential to be maintained either before, during, or after the acne removal process.

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