Kurandza is a social enterprise that empowers women in Mozambique through education and employment opportunities. Each product is handmade (with love) from brightly colored “capulana” fabric. The name “Kurandza” means “to love” in Changana, the local language of the women artisans in Mozambique.

CATEGORY: Jewelry, Accessories

  • Featuring: earrings, bracelets, tote bags, clutch purses
  • Pricepoint: $15-98
  • The Good Factor: Kurandza started as a way to help HIV-positive women earn an income to pay for transportation expenses to the hospital. The women of Kurandza learn about health, financial management, entrepreneurship, and vocational skills as part of the program. Not only do sales allow the women to earn a steady income, but they also provide educational programs to the entire community! 

Enjoy a little taste of Mozambique culture in the fabric - capulana - used to create these bright and beautiful goods!
— Esther
Seeing these pieces all all styled gives them a highly covetable look! The optimistic, plucky prints are just the thing to cheer up a lackluster wardrobe.
— Julie