Laser Acne Scar Removal Cost and Types of Laser Treatment

In getting rid of the scars caused by acne, you can choose many ways. One in that offered method, you might want to know more about the one using laser treatment. This time, we will share you any information about laser acne scar removal cost as well as many more related to laser treatment.

General information before going to laser acne scar removal cost

To begin with, you need to know that laser treatment is a non-invasive approach to the treatment of scars caused by acne. This treatment can be the excellent replacement of surgery, since it does not take much time. Below is the information of laser acne scar removal cost.

Laser acne scar removal cost

Laser treatment comes in many options you can choose. There are four types of laser treatment. To have one of this treatment, you may need to pay approximately $700 up to $800 more or less in each of the session.

Types of laser treatment

1.             Fractional laser treatment

This method is able to target the deep layer in skin. The laser beam divided into thousands number in tiny but deep range. There is also another name of this treatment, which is microthermal treatment zones (MTZ). For more information, this method is also capable of removing the old pigmented cells.

2.             Erbium laser treatment

This method is the best one to remove the scars only on the surface on your skin. compared to the Carbon dioxide laser treatment we are going to discuss next, this method has faster time in the healing process. Usually, people only need to have one week to have the wound completely healed. Moreover, this method also allows people to have fewer effects like swelling, redness, as well as bruising.

3.             Carbon dioxide laser treatment

This treatment also goes with another name often used by many people, it is the CO2 laser resurfacing. Besides scars, this method also works well in getting rid of the wrinkles or even warts. In performing this method, you may need to have local anaesthesia as well as sedative medications to numb the affected areas. If you want to go with this method, you need to know that the proper wound care is one important thing you need to have, since it is the main way in preventing the formation of scab.

4.             Pixilation

For the last option of laser treatment, you can also have this method. This method allows you to target only specific points. This method uses laser points in the size of pin, which have its focus on the scarred areas.

To sum up, every type of the laser treatment has its own plus as well as minus. It will be better for you to ask your doctor first, to know which one you need the most. While asking it, you can also ask about the risks or the possible complications might happen during as well as after the procedure performed. We hope this article is enough to satisfy your curiosity of laser acne scar removal cost.