Love Gives Way

These guys are rallying the wedding community around organizations fighting sex trafficking by providing a fun, creative "directory" of wedding vendors and causes grouped by city. Their m.o. is introducing couples and wedding planners to vendors who are giving back, creatively offering ways for couples, as they commit to each other in selflessness and love, to invest in the restoration of those who have had freedom taken away from them. Brilliant, right?

CATEGORY: wedding & bridal

  • Featuring: Photography, flowers, hair & makeup, music, formalwear, dresses
  • Pricepoint: (depends on the featured vendor)
  • The Good Factor: Featured vendors give a portion of their proceeds back to local nonprofits and organizations. A growing number of states and organizations are represented. 

As a wedding/engagement photographer who cares about being active for social justice, I was so happy to have discovered LGW! The wedding arena tends to be super fast-paced, materialistic, and surface-y. LGW is challenging us to be more centered by taking a step back and being more intentional about doing good, committing to causes bigger than ourselves, as we pursue commitment to another person. This is a beautiful way to start a marriage!
— Esther
I think it’s so beautiful when someone finds a way to merge their quest for beauty and creative abilities with the meeting of a need. Love Gives Way does that on two levels, connecting couples with tried-and-true vendors and leveraging that connection as an opportunity to turn around and give back. It’s just fantastic that they’re breaking into the wedding industry in this way.
— Julie