Marie Mae Company

Marie Mae is all about business... and really really pretty paper goods to add some style to your desk! Their products are bright, cheery, and add a splash of color to any workspace. 

The Good Factor: Every product sold provides an hour of business school to women in emerging markets. Sustainability and healthy working conditions are priorities of Marie Mae, and every product they sell comes from small businesses that satisfy these requirements. Be sure to sign up for "5 Steps to Changing the World from Your Desk" PDF  it's free (and awesome).


  • Featuring: stationery, pouches, and notebooks
  • Pricepoint: $12-95

That ‘Good Office Box.’ Want.
— Esther
Paper goods! That change the world! I’m in. Their drawn-from-ethnic designs maintain a perfectly modern aesthetic that I can see fitting into any office scheme. What a cool gift for co-workers, or students pursuing their own business degree!
— Julie