My Sister

The heart of My Sister is completely invested in empowering women and fighting sex trafficking. Their pieces – for both men and women – have positive messages and contribute to ending sex trafficking and promoting gender equality.

The Good Factor: My Sister donates upwards of 6% from each purchase to fund non-profits that work to fight sex trafficking. In addition to raising awareness, My Sister also supports and provides opportunities for survivors, be it through selling handmade products made by a woman in Nepal or training one of their interns in business education.

CATEGORY: Fashion, Beauty

  • Featuring: T-shirts, sweatshirts, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lip balms, metallic tattoos, lip balms
  • Pricepoint: $4-58

I love the simple and positive messaging on their shirts! Their lip balms and lip shimmers are also amazing, made with good ingredients, and smell wonderful.
— Esther
From the bright + catchy packaging to the no-apologies messages, I am so on board with where these guys are going. It’s exactly what we love to support!
— Julie