Nutty Snacks

Snacks with a mission. From the 100% natural ingredients that fill tummies in the best way possible (snacks are gluten-free and paleo-friendly) to their commitment to be an inspiration and resource for people wanting to do good, these snacks are (in our opinion) worth going nutty over. 


  • Featuring: snack mixes in flavors like NuttyNilla, CinnaNutty, White MacaNutty, and ChoPeanutty
  • Pricepoint: $3.50-12
  • The Good Factor: The company was founded with the intent of doing good on a larger scale. Their nonprofit arm is called The Amani Project, through which they financially support organizations around the world that are making a difference in the lives of women, children, families in crisis, and the poor.

Nut mixes are the superhero snack in my home! These snacks look so delicious and you can feel confident that you’re eating something that is both wholesome and gives back!
— Esther
Love the authenticity and heart coming out of the Nutty Snacks kitchen. It challenges me to look for more stories like this when I’m at the grocery store!
— Julie