There are soooo many incredible organizations out there, and we've really enjoyed getting to connect with a few of them. If you've seen one we should take note of, send us an email!: team@bonjoybox.com Eventually, we hope this page becomes a resource for connecting local organizations with you and others doing work in the anti-trafficking realm.

Amirah, Inc.

Boston area, MA  Amirah (\a-meer-ah\) is a non-profit safe house located in the Boston area that strives to provide a refuge for those seeking to break free from exploitation and heal in community on their journey toward lasting hope. They do this by mobilizing the greater community to create safe spaces that provide opportunities for the healing, restoration, and reintegration of survivors. Their individualized approach address the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational needs of each survivor, allowing them to engage with their community in a mutually meaningful manner. 

In 2015, you helped donate $92 when you specified AMIRAH at checkout to support their re-opening efforts! 

THRIVE New England

Southern Maine — THRIVE New England is a movement dedicated to preventing exploitation and providing restorative care for trafficked youth. They believe that educated and engaged communities are essential if strong systems are to emerge that can keep our kids safe, provide much-needed support for survivors, and minimize human trafficking where we live.

Freedom House

Santa Clara County, California — A safe home and long-term aftercare programs for survivors of human trafficking, along with a residential shelter for minors.

In 2015, you sponsored 14 boxes with Christmas gifts to the women in their programs!

Courage Worldwide

Northern California — Working to build Courage Houses around the world so rescued children will have a safe place to call home and a place to begin the work of restoration.

In 2015, you sponsored 10 boxes with Christmas gifts to the women in their programs!

Love Never Fails

Bay Area, CA — Championing mentorship, education, activism, and many other important pieces of anti-trafficking work to bring awareness to our community and restoration to our sisters.

In 2015, you sponsored 11 boxes with Christmas gifts to the women in their programs!