Parker Clay

Did you know Ethiopia is the largest producer of livestock in Africa, and one of the top ten worldwide? They've been exporting leather and precious spices since the days of the Pharaohs, and Parker Clay is tapping into that market, rendering exquisite leather accessories out of hand-picked, high-quality leather. Their values say it best: Ruthless focus on the details. Take no shortcuts. Use the best global partners. Be vigilantly creative. Bring high fashion down to earth. 

Founders Ian and Brittany Bentley actually moved to Ethiopia to lead this organization and work side by side with the women they're serving. 

CATEGORY: fashion accessories

  • Featuring: Leather bags, wallets, jewelry, and some textiles
  • Pricepoint: $16-398
  • The Good Factor: Parker Clay works with vulnerable women in Ethiopia, creating jobs and providing opportunities for these women to support themselves and their families. They have partnered closely with Women at Risk, a non-profit organization that has been helping women in Ethiopia for 18 years through rehabilitation, counseling, and skills training. Together, Parker Clay and Women at Risk have been able to successfully lift women out of prostitution and walk alongside them as they heal and move forward.  

With goods made of leather smooth as butter and a solid working partnership with Women at Risk, Parker Clay is a fine example of a brand that really puts the lives of the women they’re serving first and makes impeccably tasteful fashion accessories as a result. I think I know where I’m getting my next tote bag from!
— Esther
Nothing quite compares to the look and feel of high-quality leather, and I love that Parker Clay is spinning the byproducts of a country that needs its livestock production to survive into something beautiful. This is seriously gorgeous leather, you guys, and all the details are just divinely rendered.
— Julie