For all you bar-soap girls, meet your new supplier. With nose-tingling scents like Rosemary Mint, Hippie Chick, Wild Reef, and Citrus Herb, your showertime is in for a big lift. 

The Hope Soap Project is a social enterprise that is committed to providing premium, good for you, good for the world handmade soaps that fight human trafficking. Bonus: They use a handcrafted seed paper to wrap the full-size bars. These wrappers are completely biodegradable and grow wildflowers when planted.


  • Featuring: Premium handmade bar soaps in full and guest sizes
  • Pricepoint: $3 guest size / $8 full-size
  • The Good Factor: The Hope Soap Project donates 25% of their profits to the A21 Campaign, one of the largest international, anti-trafficking organization in the world, to make an impact in the fight against human trafficking. 

Years ago, I made the switch to bar soap and haven’t looked back! Now I’m so grateful that there’s a brand who’s making great-smelling scents and doing good in the process.
— Julie