Sooo... we like to shop (oh, you noticed?). When we found To the Market we were pretty ecstatic because it's a BEAUTIFUL online marketplace that just so happens to feature survivor-made goods. Part of that beautiful comes from the way they combine commerce and powerful storytelling. TTM is not just about great products  they're about the heart and courage behind the products. What you'll find: handmade goods from artisans who have overcome abuse, conflict, or disease. And, you can choose where you want your dollars to go by filtering your shopping by cause, country, type of product, and brand.

CATEGORY: apparel, accessories, home goods

  • Featuring: shirts, pants, skirts, scarves, bags, shoes, stationery, pillows, decor
  • Pricepoint: $6-200
  • The Good Factor: TTM aims to encourage economic independence for survivors while highlighting awareness of the challenges they face with the aim of boosting their resilience and success. Their model helps survivor artisans achieve economic independence through the dignity of work and helps their Local Partners sustain and grow their businesses. They promote through pop-up shops, custom sourcing, retail partnerships, and (of course) online sales. 

Innovation with compassion is how I would define To the Market. They’ve created a shopping experience that is fun, educational, and meaningful. Knowing that they set the standards high for who and what they feature, I can buy a product from their marketplace that I feel good about and have confidence that my purchase is going an extra mile and helping someone.
— Esther
If you’re a sucker for worldly colors and patterns, be warned: this is a little heaven. The prices are reasonable (really), the presentation is slick, and their business model gets two thumbs up from us! A delightful, heartfelt, stylish place to shop for fashion and home decor – you’ll want to bookmark this for gifts, too.
— Julie