Jewelry is handmade in India by the women of Made By Survivors, with the mission of fighting slavery and gender violence through offering employment and education to survivors. relevée offers a wide range of exquisitely designed pieces created with beads or fine metals. Be sure to check out more about the founders, Sarah and John, in Sarah's book "This is No Ordinary Joy" about her experiences and turning those experiences into action.


  • Featuring: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings
  • Pricepoint: $15-750
  • The Good Factor: Survivors are trained and given opportunities to develop business and entrepreneurial skills that will help them thrive independently and provide for their families. 

I’m really inspired by Sarah and John’s story and how they turned their life upside down to make this dream and mission happen! They saw a need, put their resources to work, and now several women can achieve their dreams and find healing... it’s amazing, and what an example to follow!
— Esther
So excited for their re-launch in January 2016. Who doesn’t love great jewelry, especially when it comes with a story? These guys have the passion to make beautiful things happen.
— Julie