Remnant International

Rooted in empowering the abused and neglected women of Uganda, Remnant International invests in a brighter future. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Remnant is dedicated to this idea of developing a cultural exchange: rallying, connecting, and resourcing people to make a sustainable difference in the world. Each purchase solidifies the women they serve with hope for tomorrow. 

CATEGORY: Fashion, Accessories

  • Featuring: Totes, wallets, pouches, tanks, tees, shorts
  • Pricepoint: $4-15
  • The Good Factor: Sales of handmade products equip the women in Uganda with education, vocational training, and financial security to provide freedom from trafficking and sexual exploitation.

I love how Remnant is serving a population (stranded Congolese women in Uganda) we don’t hear about every day but who need our support just as much.
— Esther
Sustainable trade and leadership development is something Remnant has clearly invested in, and I love this concept of a cultural exchange. Really inspirational.
— Julie