rePURPOSE is a super cool and trendy fashion and accessories business that sells products ethically made in the USA from recycled fabric (preventing garment waste) and handmade by refugee women. Their mission is to fight human trafficking and to empower people across the globe. 

The Good Factor: They donate 100% of profits to two organizations that fight human trafficking — The Exodus Road and Make Way Partners. They also raise awareness about human trafficking and promote both these organizations through their products and through speaking at colleges and conferences.


  • Featuring: T-shirts, tanks, headbands, hair wraps
  • Pricepoint: $10-38

rePURPOSE beautifully blends together on-trend fashion + social justice! Their hair wraps are gorgeous and make the perfect quick ‘n easy pop of color to any outfit!
— Esther
I’ve definitely scrolled through their shop as a great go-to for fresh ideas on how to style a headband. They have such a great look and their headbands truly rock!
— Julie