“It’s the best socially-conscious subscription box I’ve come across.”
— Kelly Rogers of Flawless.com

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If you’re ready to spread the #joyculture and make more socially-conscious shopping decisions, this is the box for you.
— Kelly Rogers of Flawless.com
bonJOY blew my mind!, I loved it. I loved everything in the box! The items were lovely ... and I thought it was a great value... plus, I love supporting such great artisans and causes! Well done!
— Kristen, subscriber
It had a nice value, and more importantly, everything in the box went to support… a fantastic cause. You wouldn’t even know that this was like a special purpose or cause box by looking at items, so the curation was absolutely fantastic.
— Hello Subscription
Amazing quality products!!!
— anonymous subscriber
Seemed like a lot of value… love the full sizes.
— anonymous subscriber
I wasn’t sure what to expect but loved each product!!
— anonymous subscriber
The box was AMAZING, full of surprises and included products from some of my favorite social enterprises .... Such a great way to get introduced to new SocEnt brands!
— Amy from The Good Trade
I am very interested in what you’re doing because I believe it matters. And I believe that doing good can be a part of our every day lives and not just a section of life we set apart for moments we need to feel good about ourselves or get a tax deduction.
— Lisa, brand ambassador
… A fabulous cause. When I read [the mission], I was like ooh, that’s what I’m about.
— Mel Joyous
I love that with the bonJOY box I am surprised by what is inside (like Christmas morning!) but know that everything inside is not supporting unethical practices, and not only that but is SUPPORTING those who need it. Christ calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the widows and fatherless and this is one small way I can do that!
— Caitin, subscriber
Really, it’s a great combination of my love for social justice and slight obsession with new beauty/jewelry products.
— Whitney, brand ambassador
Got my first in the mail today and loved it all!!! So glad I can be supporting and empowering women!
— Emily, subscriber
Great products that focus on great causes!
— Whitney, brand ambassador
So far I’ve liked everything I’ve seen and customer service has been great.
— Mel Joyous
I honestly didn’t know if I would use the items I would get. I thought if I didn’t like something I would just give it as a gift. I’m finding that I don’t want to share anything from my box!!
— anonymous subscriber
I thought this box was awesome! My friend got one for me (and a couple others!). I LOVE how there is information about each product/company and what they do! I will be getting another box as I feel like I make a difference by getting them. It is so hard to feel like you can make a difference in fighting human trafficking. I really think this project is a great way to feel good about products you’re getting and about making a difference to end slavery! Way to go!
— Deborah, subscriber
My bitty box arrived quickly. Fun box of JOY arrived in my mailbox. That sure put a smile on my face! Big JOY sticker on the box, was an added a bright and joyful feel even before opening the box! Opened box quickly to see my GREAT products (quality) and trying them out and loving already!
— Sydney, subscriber
Wonderful company! They put a lot of thought into the items selected for each box and are truly passionate about helping the companies they work with to succeed!
— Tori, subscriber