She Arises

She Arises is a "blog-n-boutique" brand that aims to encourage and prompt women to live boldly and confidently. With a cheerful "can-do" tone, Raquel and Marisol write with heart and create clothing with a message. They also very awesomely blog in both Spanish and English!


  • Featuring: tees, tanks, totes
  • Pricepoint: $20-27
  • The Good Factor: The goal of each product is to promote dialogue within communities to truly encourage us to explore our potential as women. A percentage of each product's sales goes to help people transitioning out of homelessness.

I get super inspired by feisty creative gals like Raquel and Marisol! With a little heart and the courage to boldly start conversations, they are proving that we need communities to engage with one another to create positive change.
— Esther
Loooving the gold prints on these tees and the fearless, go-get-‘em attitude. We need more of that, more people telling each other just to go out there and do what’s in their heart. Also, I’m pretty sure that ‘Thinker-Dreamer-Doer’ tee will be part of my next interview outfit.
— Julie