Square Organics

Square Organics is a San Francisco-based company that makes the Squarebar, an organic protein bar that comes in a range of delicious flavors from Chocolate Coated Mint to Chocolate Coated Coconut. Plus, each bar is free of gluten, dairy, soy, and processed sugars!

The Good Factor: Square Organics works directly with farmers to source nutritious, organic, non-GMO ingredients and to ensure an ethical supply chain. They also partner with Not for Sale, a nonprofit that works to protect people from human trafficking across the world by making a quarterly contribution.


  • Featuring: flavors like chocolate-coated coconut, mint, cherry, peanut butter, and almond
  • Pricepoint: 12 bars for $29.99

I think of Square Bars as chocolate-coated justice! Try one, fall in love with its deliciousness, and feel good about what you’re eating and supporting.
— Esther
Um, these are SUPER good. Super, as in, feel-good, do-good! I like to pop mine in the fridge before chowing down.
— Julie