Little Surprise Box

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Little Surprise Box

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The most joy-filled grab bag out there! We'll fill this surprise box with at least 3 amazing items that are ethically-made.

Have a preference between fashion, beauty, or home goods? Just let us know in the notes section when you check-out and we'll do what we can to ship you what you desire (while supplies last).

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Many of our partners support trafficked, exploited, and at-risk women. We'll tell you more about them in each box, and you can check out our do-gooders page to take a closer look at our partners and their impact. With your purchase, you're giving hope, opportunity, and restoration... which we think equals a little something extra to celebrate.

We make sure the products we feature are:

  • ethically made (at minimum, to fair trade standards);
  • that the components are ethically sourced (that's sometimes hard to tell, but we do our best sleuthing);
  • that the ingredients are good for you, good for the earth, organic, and natural whenever possible;
  • and that there's some level of effort made by the brand to be eco-friendly.

Questions? We'll send you a personal reply:

About our Give-Back Partnerships

In 2016, we decided we want our business to do more good. We are so inspired by companies like The THX Co. and others who make giving a priority, and it makes us want to do more. So now, when you order, you have the option to add $1, $5, or $10 to your purchase, and we'll send 100% of your giving (plus $1 on our end for every box we sell) to the organization we're partnering with on that box. Thank you so much for joining with us in this. Together, we truly believe that we can change the world for good.