We love what Ecospire is doing. They're connecting manufacturers and producers and creatives and connecting the dots all the way down to the consumer, making it easier to discover products that are good all the way around. In short, when you purchase from an Ecospire partner, you can feel really good about what you're getting because they're making sure everything's produced ethically, good for the earth, and good for our bodies. 

In 2016, Ecospire is opening their marketplace to consumers for impact shopping, where you can can discover and purchase the most sustainably and ethically produced products around the globe. 

Cool, right? We were so excited to discover them first that we wanted to get them on your radar, stat. And, for the first time, we're offering two versions, so you can pick what fits your budget and lifestyle best. 


bonJOY x Ecospire

What's inside:
Choose between a mini or full box of sustainable, well-crafted products for daily living.

Eco-friendly packaging:

  • Recycled box
  • Recycled tissue paper
  • Certified carbon neutral
  • Simple sticker instead of a full-box print

When it ships:

How it works:
Order box. Watch doorstep. Best day ever.