The Parative Project

Parative Project's mission is to increase conversations about human trafficking and spread the hope that we can end it together. They will be partnering with two organizations, Freeset and Aruna Project, to produce awesome shirts and bags, handcrafted by women survivors in India. Their stake in the ground: "Our freedom is tied together."

CATEGORY: apparel, accessories

  • Featuring: T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, flags
  • Pricepoint: $25-100
  • The Good Factor: They're creating and growing sustainable employment for women survivors in India, while also striving to engage communities here and make the topic of human trafficking more approachable. Their designs communicate love and comfort to these women. 

Love that Parative Project, through their product and mission, is saying “hey we gotta talk about this” and they’re also taking action at the same time. We need more of that!
— Esther
These big-dreaming slogans are just getting started. They’re so inspirational to all of us in the anti-trafficking field, but they’ve crafted them so as to encourage the rescued women in India who’s making them. How powerful is that?
— Julie