Trois Soeurs

Three ladies, three different continents, bonded by a love for the people and land of Benin and a dream to provide education to its children. These are the brilliant minds behind Trois Soeurs ("three sisters"). Their designers and artisans love color and aren't afraid to use it! And their smart and chic incorporation of locally sourced wood adds an extra layer of beauty to each handcrafted piece.

CATEGORY: Jewelry and Decor

  • Featuring: earrings, bracelets, paintings
  • Pricepoint: $8-300
  • The Good Factor: Trois Soeurs partners with local organizations in Benin to provide employment, meals, and education. They have also started an education fund where interested individuals can donate funds that will be used towards tutoring. Trois Soeurs believes a little goes a long way; if we can give a child a great education, their chances of success and independence significantly increases.

Those earrings made of locally sourced wood are gorgeous! LOVE Trois Soeur’s use of color!
— Esther
It’s such a beautiful thing when brands have a wonderful relationship with their artisans. Hearing the stories and passion of Kastro and Joseph add so much value to these pieces!
— Julie