Tribe Alive

Tribe Alive's team is passionate about fashion and social responsibility. Every piece is handmade in a developing country and provides the woman who made it with fair wages to support herself and her family. The look of Tribe Alive's line is clean, glowing, and versatile. Tribe Alive's beautiful creations can match any outfit and brilliantly incorporate the textures of leather and metal.

CATEGORY: Jewelry, Accessories, Bags

  • Featuring: totes, clutches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings
  • Pricepoint: $12-285
  • The Good Factor: The heart of Tribe Alive is ethical, sustainable fashion for the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. Tribe Alive seeks to ensure all artisans are paid a fair wage and can work in safe environments. 

I really admire how Tribe Alive has combined social responsibility with classy-minimalist yet “high fashion” pieces. I just want to buy it all!
— Esther
Phenomenal baggage aside, their tiny little jewelry creations would make the PERFECT gift for a style-loving friend. Here’s my address... (kidding!)
— Julie