how we want to live, do business, and see the world.



::: creativity

We believe that creativity is a reflection of, and essential to, life. Working with one’s hands touches the soul, and we believe in the raw power of creation to reawaken broken and trampled-on hearts. We see creativity as a beautiful platform for connection and inspiration for all of us, and we hope that we can inspire others to explore their own creative style, express themselves, and find healing within.

::: wholesomeness

Whatever we do, whatever we present, however we present it, we want to do so with hope and integrity. You will never see anything racy or seductive from us. Our models are true-to-life and any Photoshopping we do stays honest and focuses on our mission. We are positive and respectful at all times, because we truly believe in treating each other with honor. 

::: restoration

We select brands who are actively involved in work that equips and restores women by providing economic opportunity and/or who walk with them on their path to wholeness. In our own ways, we each carry our own brokenness, so we seek to use our platform to spread good words, and even sometimes challenging, reaching-into-the-depths-of-your-soul words, in hopes of helping those around us live a little more at peace deep down inside.

::: truth telling

Truth telling, for us, goes beyond operating our business with transparency. It means we go deeper, sharing ourselves our flaws and idiosyncrasies with honesty and courage. We aren’t going to shy away from tough topics we owe that to ourselves and to our followers. And when it comes to doing business, we operate with the belief that we are stewards of your time and dollar and are accountable to you for that.

::: culture building

We are out to spread joy. While recognizing that it’s easier said than practiced, we strive to seek and value the beauty in our everyday lives. We believe that our best weapon in the fight against exploitation is the promotion of hope and restoration, which we pursue by connecting with the change-makers to celebrate and amplify change. Not only are we out to prove that people can make a difference with their purchasing power, we’re doing our darndest to lead by example with a presence that shines bright with optimism, honesty, and straight-up goodness. To that end, we wield social media (not to mention our lovingly packed boxes), creating avenues for women to cultivate a culture of joy in their lives and the lives they touch.